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Summer Practice

What does summer mean to you? Time away from the regular routines and our to-do lists, time away on holiday? Maybe being more playful? Time outdoors in nature? We often seek out water knowing that it cools us down not just in terms of temperature but knowing that immersion in water quietens our nervous system. We intuitively know that we need to take time out in the summer and do things a little differently. But what is it that makes summer holidays (at home or abroad) so restful? It doesn't have to be sleeping on a beach. Our body and nervous systems respond when we do things differently, maybe in a more playful, creative way, breaking our habitual lives and patterns.

Our yoga practice helps us come to a place of balance and harmony whatever the season, whilst being guided by them. So let your practice during the summer months reflect that break in habits. Play. How many times do we come to downward facing dog in exactly the same way, with our awareness resting in exactly the same place in the body? When was the last time you moved in a completely new and creative way? The possibilities are endless. Even after practicing for well over 20 years I am constantly amazed when I roll out my mat without any expectations and explore and play. But also, most importantly, when was the last time you took complete rest in shavasana for more than a minute or two?

There are a lot of question marks in what I have written. This is for good reason. I invite you to have a deeper sense in inquiry into what your body, nervous system and mind need in these summer months. Be guided by intuition. Come to stillness at the beginning of your practice and see what arises. You may be surprised. Have fun (and rest).

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