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Pause, take a breath and see what arises


to my website and the practice of yoga.  I have been practising for over 20 years and teaching for 17years. 

Yoga is a holistic practice - something that is often forgotten in the modern world of insta perfect yoga bodies.  I strongly believe that yoga should be accessible to everybody and every body. Practiced with intelligence and mindful awareness it can create a stronger, healthier, more flexible body and a quieter, stiller more balanced mind.

Yoga has the power to transform


My personal practice and teaching career has been a journey of self-discovery.  After having back issues, leading to surgery a few years after qualifying, my yoga practice changed. Practicing with mindful awareness has helped me stay strong physically and mentally. Despite surgeons expecting recurrent problems I have been pain free and strong for over 13years. My deep gratitude goes to all my teachers over the years, particularly Sadhita and Suduka, of Bodhiyoga International, who guided me in my extended 500 hour advanced teaching certificate, deepening my practice, understanding and my joy of teaching. 

I hope that your practice becomes a journey of self discovery and joy under my guidance. 


All classes currently livestreamed via Zoom and in the studio simultaneously. Download at https://zoom.us/download and contact me for the link if you would like to join.  1-1 classes are via Zoom or in the studio. 




Studio classes

Monday  9.30am  Mindful vinyasa

Monday 7.00pm   Mindful vinyasa

Tuesday 7.00pm  Restorative


Mindful vinyasa (flow) 1.15 hour classes, suitable for everyone. The Monday am class is a little lighter. Variations of poses are given to make the class accessible to all.  All classes include breathwork (pranayama), postures (with a seasonal element to keep our energies in balance with the seasons) and finish with a guided relaxation and short meditation to leave you rested and restored.


The Tuesday class is a more restorative mat based class including some more traditional yoga poses as well as deeply restorative somatic movement, gentle flows and relaxation.

£8 in studio

£6 online


My studio is a beautiful, peaceful space with underfloor heating.


Yin Yoga

Last Thursday of the month

A  special 1.45 hour class. Yin yoga is a mat based, deeply calming, restorative practice.  We move away from the more muscular traditional poses and stay in longer, softly held poses working at a deep fascial, connective tissue level.  Poses are supported with props to allow for deeper release. Finishing with a loving kindness (metta) meditation.

£15 in studio

£10 online



Private 1-1 classes

I have been working with private clients for many years as a way of working with particular conditions such as back problems, arthritis, breathing problems, stress and anxiety. A private class gives you a chance to work with a tailored, transformational programme at your own pace. A private class is also a good idea if you are unsure or nervous about joining a regular class. 

From £30  

I am also available for private events such as hen parties, sports events and corporate classes POA



Workshops and Events

Watch this space for events and workshop this Autumn.




This class is run in conjunction with www.highlandperthshireyogaandwellbeing.co.uk

A referral class running weekly in the studio in Grandtully.

Yoga is a proven and effective way to help with breathing issues

such as COPD. Gentle breathwork and chair based postures

improve lung function, posture, strength and energy levels.


Partially funded by SSE Griffin and Callacher windfarm.




The perfect present. A gift voucher for a 1-1 or regular classes.  If you are trying to persuade a loved one to try yoga this may be the way.

Get in touch



“Ok, we have your results from the knee x-rays and lower back MRI scan” 

“Yes what’s the verdict”

“Well you’re heading towards both knees being replaced and you have two worn discs and one torn disc in your lower back”

“Is there anything I can do to help my knees and back”

“Try Yoga!”

This wasn’t the first professional that had advised Yoga. My local GP and Osteopath had recommended Yoga too. 

All this was back in Oct 2017 when I plucked up the courage to visit Fi Lumsden for the first time. I limped into that first class with stooped shoulders and a poor posture from constant backache. I was struggling to sit at a table for too long or stand for more than 2 minutes. My granddaughter had just been born and I lacked any confidence to hold her let alone carry her any distance. Carrying her upstairs was not an option. Golf was only when a buggy was available and a walk for exercise was simply an excruciating experience not worth the bother. 

Roll on two years. Yoga with Fi Lumsden has changed my life. Fi from day one understood my body’s capabilities and worked in tandem so that I got the best out of each session. I carry out my own sessions 3 or 4 times a week and the benefit has been inspirational. 

I play golf and stride the course. I have quality time with my granddaughter and I’m further away from surgery than I was two years ago. My core is strong and my confidence has grown.......

Yoga with Fi Lumsden will be a part of me for ever.

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